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Digital solutions for a better society.

For us at DAXAP, creating sustainable solutions to societal challenges is a responsibility and an opportunity.


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Collaboration partners

As a social entrepreneur, we depend on a network of actors and individuals who want to make positive changes in society. We work with several groups specializing in financing, social entrepreneurship, incubator and accelerator programs, legal assistance, research and development, impact measurement, multilingualism, multiculturalism, diversity, integration and inclusion.

  • Social entrepreneurs

    We operate with a 'double bottom line', which means that we create both social and economic results.

  • Results oriented

    We deliver data-driven results that really mean something to our customers and society. No nonsense.

  • Game changers

    We invent and develop new technological solutions that help with challenges - often better than before.

Who are we

Daxap is a results-oriented and passionate team of professional developers, testers, marketers and project managers based in the Norwegian technology region, Melhus Tr√łndelag.

The motivation behind the company is social entrepreneurship. We want to contribute to creating innovative digital solutions to social challenges.

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Our Services

App development
App development

App development can be a complex ecosystem, but our team ensures that the customer and user experience is uncomplicated and that the software is adapted to the needs of each moment.

Web development
Web development

We take great pride in understanding the unique needs of our customers when it comes to website design and functionality. We take an individual approach that is true to your brand identity.

Data analysis
Data analysis

Data analysis involves building an infrastructure for data collection, analysis and reporting. As a provider of data analysis services, we adapt to simple and complex needs with tailor-made solutions.


We deliver a complete range of online and mobile testing through a flexible service model. With services available on demand, we work with you to navigate tight delivery constraints and complex requirements.

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Digital solutions for a better society

For us at DAXAP, creating sustainable solutions to societal challenges is a responsibility and an opportunity.

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