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Digital solutions for a better society.

For Daxap, creating digital solutions to societal challenges is both a responsibility and an opportunity.

  • Social entrepreneurs

    We operate with a double bottom line, which means we measure our success in social impact as well as financial results.

  • Results oriented

    Driven by security Our team is driven to create the safest, most reliable solutions in the market, which is why we have secured an ISO 270001 certification and all our solutions meet or exceed GDPR and other global security standards.

  • Game changers

    We don’t provide IT consulting services, we Partner with other entities to create digital solutions that make a meaningful impact.

Who we are?

Daxap consists of a diverse group of people who have experienced what it's like to be outsiders in society. We founded Daxap to simplify communication for everyone through smart digital solutions that break down language and cultural barriers. We create solutions that have a positive societal impact and make everyday life easier for both organizations and their customers.

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Collaboration partners

As a social entrepreneur, we depend on a network of actors and individuals who want to make positive changes in society. We work with several groups specializing in financing, social entrepreneurship, incubator and accelerator programs, legal assistance, research and development, impact measurement, multilingualism, multiculturalism, diversity, integration and inclusion.


What we do

App development
App development

From developing our own Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms to creating Applications for our partners, we create safe, user-friendly products that continuously evolves.

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Web development
Web development

We take great pride in understanding the unique needs of our customers when it comes to website design and functionality. We take an individual approach that is true to your brand identity.

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Our Partners and Solutions

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Skaun Kommune
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Digital solutions for a better society

For Daxap, creating digital solutions to societal challenges is both a responsibility and an opportunity.

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