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App development can be a complex ecosystem, but our team ensures that the customer and user experience is uncomplicated and that the software is adapted to the needs of each moment.

Daxap AS offers app development services for companies that want to develop their own application to improve their digital presence and offer a more personal experience for their customers and users.

Our team consists of skilled developers with extensive experience in app development, and we make sure to deliver software that is adapted to your needs and that provides a good user experience. We work with all major platforms, so you can reach your customers regardless of whether they use iOS, Android or Windows.

We also take security and privacy into account, and ensure that your application follows current rules and guidelines.

If you want to develop your own application or learn more about our apps, you can contact us about your needs and possibilities. We look forward to helping you realize your ideas and improve your digital presence.

Kiddy App

Kiddy app is a collaboration and communication app for institutions with children where multilingualism is a need.

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Vibori App

With Vibori you will never miss an important update from your municipality again. Browse the latest news and events, choose your interests and get alerts for exciting activities from organizations you follow.

Frivi App

Frivi-app makes easy to organize groups, events, bookings,communication and collaboration whether it is in a company, a voluntary organization or a small group.

Aviation Museum

The Norwegian Aviation Museum app is your guide to great experiences

  • Start audio guided tour

  • 360 cockpit view

  • Scan the QR codes

  • Get fun facts, film and the history of all the planes in the exhibition

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Digital solutions for a better society

For us at DAXAP, creating sustainable solutions to societal challenges is a responsibility and an opportunity.

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