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What is social entrepreneurship?

A social entrepreneur is someone who wants to create positive change to societal challenges. At Daxap, we are committed to contributing to this via unique and safe digital solutions that break down communication, cultural and language barriers.

What qualifies Daxap as a social entrepreneur, and why is this important to us?

Daxap was founded in 2021 by Kubilay Kartal and Emirhan Sözan, who moved to Norway just three years earlier. They, along with their families, struggled to integrate into society with language and cultural barriers. But the two of them set out to make life easier in the future for others going through similar experiences, and Daxap was born.

Daxap operates with a double bottom line, where success is measured by the social impact achieved, as well as financial results.

Daxap has partnered with several other organizations that are committed to solving societal challenges, where the collective resource means we are able to provide greater impact to a larger group of people

Daxap’s partnership with Sintef, one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations, has showed the positive impact created by Daxap through its solution Kiddy. 83% of non-native Norwegian speakers said that Kiddy to a large degree has helped ensure they get the communication they need, and 77% of all users felt that Kiddy has made communication as a whole a lot better.

To read more about what social entrepreneurship is,

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Digital solutions for a better society

For Daxap, creating digital solutions to societal challenges is both a responsibility and an opportunity.

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